My current equipment:

Canon 7D Mkii

Sea & Sea Housing for Canon 7D mkii
Sea & Sea Compact Dome Port
Sea & Sea Macro Ports for 60mm and 100mm Macro Lenses

Inon Z240 Strobes with fibre optic cables
Sea & Sea YS-D1 (two) – I use optic fibre cables

Canon 60mm Macro
Canon 100mm Macro
Sigma 17 – 70mm Macro (zoom)
Tokina 10 – 17mm Fisheye

Sea & Sea arms and clamps

Other Stuff:
Stix Floats
Big Blue Focus Light
Retra LSD

P&S Camera:

I also have a Canon G16 in a Fantasea housing, that I use when I’m not doing a full-on photography dive.  This is a fantastic camera for divers wanting to start out taking photos underwater who are looking for a camera and housing that will last them a long time, as their experience and skills progress.  It is also a very popular camera for macro photographers.

Equipment and Gear Field Tests:

I like to keep up to date with the newest and latest gear on the market.  Because of this, I research and test as much of this equipment as possible, in order to help others make an informed decision before they purchase.

kate jonker